“Even a speck of love shouldn’t go unappreciated”

- Elif Shafak, 40 rules of love

I would like to thank my parents for always believing in me, since forever. You inspire me to be a good human before being a successful one. Extending heartfelt gratitude to my brother Abhishek Sinha, who patiently helped me choose the logo and name of the clinic.

Mayank Bhardwaj

Without you - this website would have literally not existed. You worked at it for days together without complaining about my lack of technical know-how. Thank you for always correcting my website’s domain name. I guess I finally know.

Poorva Aggarwal

For editing and reshaping not just my website’s content but also my life so beautifully. You make me feel secure.

Aditya Garg

You make me want to be a better person every waking day. Thank you for always believing in me, in my capabilities and being my greatest support system at every step of the way. Thank you for filling my life with love. I am extremely grateful for your patience, insights, humor, and unconditional love.

Pooja Sharma

For never giving up on me. Never. For motivating me through all means sweet and sour. You are the light of my labyrinth.